Things I Dont Like


(firstly I need to say sorry because I dont want to correct my grammar here. Sorry)

I supposed to write the ‘things i dont like’ yesterday, but i just didnt, dont know why, i dont remember. So here I am, sitting in front of my laptop thinking so hard what to write. Even though the things I likes is countless–see my other post: Hal yang Kusuka–but strangely the things I dont like is just suddenly really hard to find. Like, when I think about it, I couldnt find any. I just realize I dont like any particular things when the moment come. otherway, i dont know.

So, here are the things I usually dont like (i need to write it fast before i forgot):

  1. I dont like it when someone told me something bad about me but it was (sadly and strangely) always right. Especially when my mom done it. Like, I really want to go out right now but she would say, “No, Ninis its rainy outside. You cant go.” and I would disobey her but in the end, I would stuck in the middle of the way hit by the rain. I dont know why but her words was always come out true. Anddd I dont like it.
  2. I dont like it when it was cold in the morning and I was enjoying my comfy in bed and then suddenly something hit my mind: I have a class today. in the morning. I would feel like, da hell with the class. I dont want to go to class today! And then it was 4 sks and I just really need to go. So I would take a bath (a really really cold bath) and go to class anyway.
  3. When my tooth hurt so bad. I would feel dizzy and a headache would come after and I couldnt even think straight. I couldnt continue my activities anymore, I need sleep (and sadly it happened really often).
  4. When my phone’s battery is 1% and I couldnt find anywhere to recharge it!
  5. I dont like it when I was hungry, because my metabolism couldnt work right without food and it would make me feel angry and badmood all the time (only until i eat).
  6. I dont like dentist. They scare me.
  7. I also dont like a surgery or any medical movie. I couldnt stand seeing the blood.
  8. I dont like the things I dont like.
  9. What else?
  10. I dont like it when I dont know what to write because I couldnt find any other things that I dont like.

Thats all. Feel free to correct my grammar.



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